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We understand the trepidation of migrating your information from one system to another. As a firm you have accumulated years of client data that serves as the backbone of your firm. For this we have a dedicated migration team to assess your data, and transform it in to your new Litify system. Our migration experts allow you to continue the thought from your prior system and pick up where you left off.


We perform a thorough analysis of your operations and business processes prior to recommending a migration and transition strategy. We consider the impact for everyone from the most advanced power user to those that have difficulty with technology. Ultimately we work in tandem with your team to select a transformation approach that is suitable for your firm.


We will work hand in hand with your team to implement our pre built migration tools to extract data from your legacy database and provide a fresh start without any interruption or loss of client information.


Our team has experience migrating data from many of the legacy legal practice management systems and we have streamlined the transformation process so that it is a painless smooth transition.

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