The most intuitive, fully integrated and powerful platform for law firms.

Built on, the world’s most trusted and flexible business application, Litify empowers law firms to do more, be better, and dream bigger. Better results, superior client experience, more efficiently, at scale.

Better results, superior client experience, more efficiently, at scale.

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November 7, 2019

LitiQuest New York City

This year's LitiQuest Conference, held at the iconic TWA Hotel at JFK Airport, will provide lawyers with the tools they need to revolutionize their legal marketing and improve their case and reputation management.

Litify Offerings for Every Law Firm



Grow your law firm without hiring more staff.

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Enterprise-grade solutions for large firms.

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An all-in-one solution for full service firms.

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A Complete Suite of Products


Systematic approach to screening cases


Customize workflows, dynamically set tasks


Native cloud application with built in protections and sharing features

Doc Creation

Streamlined templates for all documentation


Dynamic questionnaires that change according to answers

Risk Mgmt

Consistent procedures and centralized approach reduces exposure to risk


End-to-end encrypted communication in one central location


Measure marketing campaigns to ensure the best ROI

Referral Mgmt

Accept or decline incoming referrals from other firms


View firm expenditures, income and forecast finances


Create surveys and collect customer feedback in real time


Emails and files from Outlook are synced dynamically to a matter




Taking future growth into consideration, Litify accesses the best in class technology and infrastructure of Salesforce to implement new functionalities, accommodate changes, and add features to its existing structure.



A singular, seamless solution to task management, document generation, intake management, client communications, and even marketing. Integration allows for automation, which then allows for the power of true transparency and growth.



Harness the trailblazing security of the world’s most trusted cloud. Salesforce’s Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology and Classic Encryption ensures that your data is safe, secure, and only accessible to registered users in your organization.

Discover all the ways customers succeed with Litify

"Our new client conversion rate has increased almost 7% in just 6 months without any additional ad spending or staff changes."

- Glenn Phillips, Owner & Managing Partner

"I have the peace of mind knowing that my intake team is asking the right set of questions to optimize results, no matter the circumstances. Everyone is following the same systemized workflows. Clients will have a consistent and carefully designed experience."

- Emery Ledger, Founder

"The Litify team understands the legal industry, knows what works for the big firms, and bakes the best practices right into the platform."

- Anthony Johnson, Owner

"Since using Litify, we experienced a 100% growth in the total number of cases we refer out each month. Conversion rate increased from single digit to almost 20%,"

- Shawn Lehocky, Chief Strategy Officer

"I wanted to find a company built on top of Salesforce to take advantage of its robust functionality. Litify was the obvious choice. The sky is the limit with the help of Litify."

- John Hawkins, Owner & Founder

"You don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time you handle a case. You want to make sure cases are handled uniformly. And I know Litify helps you do that."

- Robert Rubenstein, CEO & President


Running a law firm is easier than you think.

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