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Litify’s fully customizable solution is built around 4 core applications. The platform adopts best practices
from data-driven industries to improve your practice, client experience, expertise, and bottom line.

Products | Matter

Implement a Consistent Winning Formula for Every Case

Litify Matters provides complete integration of every important case matter across all team members in a single application, ensuring every task is done—and done right—every single time. Implement a formula for each case that allows you to track its step-by-step progress and keep your team on the same page. Schedule appointments, generate documents, assign tasks, and measure costs within the Litify app. Matters is 100% customizable and scalable to your firm’s needs.

Products | Intake

Convert Qualified Leads into Clients

Litify Intakes removes the guesswork from your firm’s intake process, so you never have to wonder whether valuable clients are slipping through the cracks in your screening. Use our intelligent questionnaires to gather the key information your attorneys need, and set qualification criteria that helps you sign up high-quality leads faster. Once a lead becomes a client, you can track your interaction history as well as upcoming important events. You can even schedule and make client phone calls directly from the Litify app.

Products | Insight

Measure and Improve Every Aspect of Your Business

Modern businesses use data insights to optimize workflows and drive decision making. Litify Insights puts the power of big data in the palm of your hand with customized reports about key areas of concern. See the big picture and drill down into advanced metrics for truly game-changing insights about your cases, organization, personnel, and financial performance. Pinpoint exactly where improvements are needed and take action to transform your practice.

Products | Docs

Access, Share, and Manage All Your Case Documents

Litify Docs provides the complete solution to store, access, and manage your documents together with the rest of your firm’s information, ensuring everything is connected. Fully integrate your docs with your case details and tasks across the entire Litify application. Give your team the tools to generate, update, and access files with ease at any time, from any device via the cloud. Enhance collaboration among team members in an office, across the country, and around the world.

Store your success on Litify Docs, under the protection of the top-rated security of Salesforce.

Dynamic Matter Plans

With our dynamic matter plans each attorney can implement a consistent formula for a successful case. When a matter is opened it prepopulates with all of the most important related tasks and events. Generate documents from pre designed templates and save them directly to the matter. Stay on task, stay on budget, and never miss a key date or document.


Assign tasks to other members of the team and see them through to completion within the Litify app, which supports full integration of your email, calendar and documents. Open up the matter and immediately see what’s been done, what still needs to be done, and which team member is responsible for a particular task. Keep the entire matter team in sync through in-app collaboration.

AppExchange Integrations

Take advantage of hundreds of Salesforce business apps to customize Litify’s matter management to your firm. Utilize tools such as Survey Monkey and Twilio to improve your client interactions and client satisfaction. Have a great idea for a new app or product function? We work closely with our clients and always welcome feedback about how to build better law firm management software.

Work Your Inbox

Access the full power of Litify directly from your inbox. Save individual emails or full threads to parties and matters, so that the info you need is there when and where you want it. Automatically keep your calendar in two-sync between Litify and Outlook.

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Client Information

Your client information is invaluable. Creating a new client is a simple, quick process that allows you to securely store all of the relevant client demographic data alongside important data for your firm. Whether it’s the source that you received the client from or the history of your interactions with the client, all relevant client information is accurately stored and can be accessed remotely on any device, at any time, by any team member. Set up meeting, phone calls, and much more right from the client’s profile.

“DICE” – Litify’s Native Dialer Solution

Deciding which clients to call and when can be an error-prone task as leads begin to build up. DICE (Dynamic Intake Calling Environment) provides the ability to build automated lists that present the correct person to call at the correct time, so you never miss an important call to a client. Intake agents simply login and DICE serves up the next appropriate lead for them to call. A record of the call is automatically added to the client’s profile.


A firm’s intake questionnaires drive the entire intake process. Our intelligent questionnaires allow you to dictate a consistent, mistake-free screening process that provides the answers you need about potential leads.

Your intake team will be guided down a custom path that directs them to the relevant questions for each individual case, ensuring that your attorneys have all the necessary information and that your clients have a professional first contact with the firm.

Case Qualification

Not all leads are created equal. Some prove to be high-value cases, while others do not. Identifying value early in the intake process allows you to focus your firm resources on cases that will provide the best return on investment.

Setting criteria for which cases to accept will ultimately determine the quality of the cases your firm will sign. Our case qualifying engine allows you to ensure that your firm’s case criteria are followed each and every time. Once a client passes the screening process they can be signed instantaneously via mobile device or any other channel.

Send & Receive Referrals

Join the vibrant Litify network and begin receiving referrals immediately to augment your existing business. Interact with your incoming referrals right from your email and mobile device, saving you time on every referral and providing the ability to react quickly and sign your new client.

Create a new referral in seconds using the Litify web or mobile app. Litify’s predictive engine allows you to make data driven decisions to select the perfect firm for your case, and send the referral to them with a single click.

Join Referrals

Unleash the Power of Your Data

Insights provides you with pre-built and customized reports that help you identify key performance indicators at every level of the firm. Observe in real-time the success of marketing campaigns and nimbly make changes that boost your conversion rate. Monitor the client lifecycle and identify where in the process efficiency improvements can be made. Your reports—and how you use them to improve firm performance—are only limited by your imagination.

Personalized Dashboards

Easily aggregate your most important reports into a dashboard format that allows you to view your metrics that matter at a quick glance. Arm every leader in your practice with dashboards to monitor individual as well as team performance. Slice and dice and mix and match reports for an unprecedented view from above of your firm’s business processes.

Anytime, Anywhere Information

Litify Insights travels with you, because you never know exactly when that “aha” moment will occur. Automatically receive priority reports and dashboards on your mobile device. The data is delivered on a scheduled basis so that you can monitor information and immediately take action, no matter where you are.

Total Integration

Build a bridge between your case files and your firm’s information. Seamlessly integrate your documents into workflow processes across your entire firm. Add documents directly to records, Matter Plan Tasks, and Chatter feeds to dynamically incorporate new information in the correct place. Upload files to replace existing versions and keep up with every change in every case.

Save time and resources when you complete the connection between your docs and processes. Litify Docs’ total integration brings your law firm into the the future of legal case management.

Drag your documents off of the hard drive, out of the paper stacks, out of the storage
room, and into the modern era of legal case management with Litify Docs.

Comprehensive Collaboration

With Litify Docs, your team is connected with your documents and each other. Generate, update, share, and discuss docs throughout a case’s lifetime. Send files through email or direct links with in-depth sharing tools to encourage collaboration. Build your document database together across the entire Litify application.

Litify Docs provides an integrated meeting point of information, where everyone stays up-to-date and works together to move cases forward. Enhance teamwork, and success, with Litify Docs.

Build together. Succeed together.

Complete Access

In the information-driven legal world, Litify Docs is your vehicle to access files at any time, from any device via the cloud. Create folders, descriptions, and tags to build a
database unique to your firm’s storage needs. Use Litify’s dynamic search function to locate documents by name, description, or tags throughout your entire database.
Retrieve, review, and update docs when you’re in the office, giving a presentation, or on the move.

Backed by the top-rated security of Salesforce, Litify’s cloud-based storage allows you to feel confident about securing and accessing your docs, so you never lose track of information. Never misplace files. Never misplace answers. With Litify Docs, your information is everywhere you are.

Litify Docs provides access. Access provides answers.

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