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Litify's fully customizable solution is built around 4 core applications. The platform adopts best practices
from data-driven industries to improve your practice, client experience, expertise, and bottom line.


With Litify Intakes every qualified lead becomes a client and every client and referral source develops into a relationship for life.


Litify Matters allows you to manage matters like a business so you can provide a consistent and predictable client experience to scale your law firm.


Seamlessly integrate your documents into your daily case workflow. Streamline collaboration and access, so your docs are connected with your intakes, matters, and tasks.


Find and focus on the metrics that matter. Create and automate easily digestible reports that allow you to understand every part of your business and take action when needed.

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Questions? Call us at 718-305-4081


Call us at 718-305-4081

Litify Full User

Automate your

entire firm

Auto qualify intakes using criteria rules and questionnaires

Identify the next best call with Intelligent Dialing

Manage Advertising and full case ROI

Integrate E-Signature to enhance conversions

Automate and track every referral

Litify Unlimited

Unlimited Power.

Unlimited Success.

Every feature unlocked

Leverage Document Workflows to increase efficiency

Automated Document Approvals and Routing

Premier Success

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