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Litify Inbox

Litify Inbox powered by SmartCloud Connect brings Litify together with the tools you use to work everyday: your email and calendar apps. Lifity Inbox outclasses other Outlook integrations with powerful features perfectly tuned for firms on Litify.

Save Emails and Threads

See your emails where they’re relevant: on your Litify parties, matters, and intakes. Save emails to multiple records with a single click. Litify Inbox scans your emails and your Litify environment to “smart suggest” the right people and matters automatically. Keep whole email threads in sync, so that everything past – and future emails you receive – automatically saves to Litify

Full Two-way Calendar Sync

Whether you schedule events in Litify or Outlook, Litify Inbox keeps both calendars current and connected. See which colleagues and clients have accepted wherever you look – in Litify, Outlook, Web Access, your Outlook desktop or mobile app.

Work Faster, from Anywhere

Boost your productivity by creating and completing follow-up tasks on matters directly from your Litify Inbox sidebar. Suggest preferred meeting times in an email, and let recipients click to book your calendar in seconds. Send quick emails and replies using your existing Litify email templates, complete with working merge tags.

Attachments Made Easy

Know where to find your files even if your can’t remember where you left your keys. Choose which attachments to save to Litify along with and email, and see them on the email as well as on all related parties, matters, and intakes. Litify Inbox also plays will with others – our SpringCM integration lets you save attachments directly from Outlook into Spring folders tied to your Litify records.