Solutions | Overview

Transform your Firm

Litify’s goal is simple. Transform your law practice in to a modern day business. A modern day business has the ability to dictate consistent processes to be followed across the entire business and has the metrics at the tip of their fingers to measure the success of those processes.

With Litify a law firm can finally realize that dream.

Solutions | Support

Transition with ease

Training and support are the key elements that ensure your success and adoption of the Litify suite. Every client is immediately paired with an implementation specialist and access to our customer success team to ensure that their platform transition is smooth, and that they are set up for current and long term success.

Solutions | By role

All under single umbrella

The Litify suite has a tailored solution for everyone in your firm. Our belief is that by providing the ideal tools for every function at a law firm we encourage an active, collaborative system that improves the quality of work in every department. With the entire firm nested under a single platform we eliminate the challenges of integrating systems and we ensure that your entire firm is speaking the same language.

Solutions | Migration

Continue the thought

We understand the trepidation of migrating your information from one system to another. As a firm you have accumulated years of client data that serves as the backbone of your firm. For this we have a dedicated migration team to assess your data, and transform it in to your new Litify system. Our migration experts allow you to continue the thought from your prior system and pick up where you left off.


Increased Conversion Rates
from Quality Call to Client


Cost savings from process
automation & streamline workflows

5 in 1

From 5 Platforms
to 1 unified platform

A single platform

Marketing, intake, referrals, client interaction, matter management, document storage, and finance all under a single umbrella in a simple, digestable, and actionable format. Finally you can practice the business of law.

  • Intakes

  • Matters

  • Insights

  • Docs

  • Referrals


Litify includes Enterprise a complete enterprise collaboration platform powered by Salesforce Chatter. Employees can “follow” both people and documents and collaborate on matters, intakes, referrals and any other record in Litify. Have in context threaded discussions on and about your data, create and curate groups on topics of interest and store conversations to drive knowledge management, run AI on your stored knowledge to drive predictive insights to your users and gain competitive advantage.

Firm Type

We understand that every firm is different. Litify is designed for firms of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of practice area or headcount Litify has a solution that meets your needs. With Litify’s customizable layouts, actions, and workflows the system can be easily tweaked to meet your firms exact requirements. We listen to our clients and work together with them to cover all of their needs.


Built on the platform, Litify provides a secure, stable environment to store your client data and manage your firm. Trust Litify with your sensitive client information with peace of mind knowing that our security protocols are trusted by government agencies and multinational corporations.


With Litify you are signing up for a rapidly evolving product that will grow with your firm. With our rich roadmap of ongoing product development you will automatically receive updates and enhancements to your application on a consistent basis. We encourage collaboration and we welcome your firm to suggest product ideas to our team and help shape the future of law.


Now with Litify you can bring your cases with you wherever you go. Easily access a file from your mobile device and respond to client requests while you are on the go.


Access our extensive product documentation as well as our customized training materials to train your team and ensure a successful rollout. Onboard new hires with ease allowing them to access tutorials and training materials directly.

Premier Support

As a Litify customer, you automatically receive the online support, tools, learning resources, and training included in our Standard Support Plan. A lot of our most successful customers see an even higher return on their investment when they choose the hands-on support of our Premier and Premier Plus Plans. These plans provide dedicated resources and rapid response times for your most crucial issues. Please reach out to your Account Executive for more information.


Take advantage of our partnership with and tap in to the rich community of ideas, and best practices available to the Salesforce community. Access a robust talent pool of Salesforce experts to answer your most difficult questions within moments.

Managing Partner

Observe key performance indicators of your firm and pinpoint areas of concern for your next partners meeting. Identify potential efficiency improvements for the firm and simply dictate and implement new business processes from a 30,000 foot view. Monitor the effectiveness of every change and react nimbly to pivot and optimize the business further.


Allow your attorneys to seamlessly collaborate with their case team and set consistent expectations. Monitor the status of their cases and immediately hone in on the ones that require attention. Get up to speed about a case in an instant with all of the relevant information in a single, organized location.


Between emails, documents, task management, and various other components the job of a paralegal is often complex and difficult to maintain. Ensure that they are provided the tools to succeed from their first day on the job. Never again miss a key date or task and guarantee that your paralegals are properly equipped to support your attorneys at every step along the way.

Intake agent

Streamline the intake process and provide your agents with the tools to succeed. Remove the burden of administration and memorization and allow your agents to perform their goal to sign quality clients.

Marketing Agent

Your marketing folks likely understand the importance of quality data and tracking a lead from first touchpoint through payment. Amplify your marketing dollars with the intelligence of real time results around all the key metrics. Slice and dice reports to zone in on your best campaigns and redirect your marketing efforts as needed. Monitor the performance of leads throughout the lifecycle of a case and optimize campaigns with the confidence that data provides.


We perform a thorough analysis of your operations and business processes prior to recommending a migration and transition strategy. We consider the impact for everyone from the most advanced power user to those that have difficulty with technology. Ultimately we work in tandem with your team to select a transformation approach that is suitable for your firm.


We will work hand in hand with your team to implement our pre built migration tools to extract data from your legacy database and provide a fresh start without any interruption or loss of client information.


Our team has experience migrating data from many of the legacy legal practice management systems and we have streamlined the transformation process so that it is a painless smooth transition.

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