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The Litify suite has a tailored solution for everyone in your firm. Our belief is that by providing the ideal tools for every function at a law firm we encourage an active, collaborative system that improves the quality of work in every department. With the entire firm nested under a single platform we eliminate the challenges of integrating systems and we ensure that your entire firm is speaking the same language.

Managing Partner

Observe key performance indicators of your firm and pinpoint areas of concern for your next partners meeting. Identify potential efficiency improvements for the firm and simply dictate and implement new business processes from a 30,000 foot view. Monitor the effectiveness of every change and react nimbly to pivot and optimize the business further.


Allow your attorneys to seamlessly collaborate with their case team and set consistent expectations. Monitor the status of their cases and immediately hone in on the ones that require attention. Get up to speed about a case in an instant with all of the relevant information in a single, organized location.


Between emails, documents, task management, and various other components the job of a paralegal is often complex and difficult to maintain. Ensure that they are provided the tools to succeed from their first day on the job. Never again miss a key date or task and guarantee that your paralegals are properly equipped to support your attorneys at every step along the way.

Intake agent

Streamline the intake process and provide your agents with the tools to succeed. Remove the burden of administration and memorization and allow your agents to perform their goal to sign quality clients.

Marketing Agent

Your marketing folks likely understand the importance of quality data and tracking a lead from first touchpoint through payment. Amplify your marketing dollars with the intelligence of real time results around all the key metrics. Slice and dice reports to zone in on your best campaigns and redirect your marketing efforts as needed. Monitor the performance of leads throughout the lifecycle of a case and optimize campaigns with the confidence that data provides.

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