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Implement a Consistent Winning Formula for Every Case

Litify Matters provides complete integration of every important case matter across all team members in a single application, ensuring every task is done—and done right—every single time. Implement a formula for each case that allows you to track its step-by-step progress and keep your team on the same page. Schedule appointments, generate documents, assign tasks, and measure costs within the Litify app. Matters is 100% customizable and scalable to your firm’s needs.

Dynamic Matter Plans

With our dynamic matter plans each attorney can implement a consistent formula for a successful case. When a matter is opened it prepopulates with all of the most important related tasks and events. Generate documents from pre designed templates and save them directly to the matter. Stay on task, stay on budget, and never miss a key date or document.


Assign tasks to other members of the team and see them through to completion within the Litify app, which supports full integration of your email, calendar and documents. Open up the matter and immediately see what’s been done, what still needs to be done, and which team member is responsible for a particular task. Keep the entire matter team in sync through in-app collaboration.

AppExchange Integrations

Take advantage of hundreds of Salesforce business apps to customize Litify’s matter management to your firm. Utilize tools such as Survey Monkey and Twilio to improve your client interactions and client satisfaction. Have a great idea for a new app or product function? We work closely with our clients and always welcome feedback about how to build better law firm management software.

Work Your Inbox

Access the full power of Litify directly from your inbox. Save individual emails or full threads to parties and matters, so that the info you need is there when and where you want it. Automatically keep your calendar in two-sync between Litify and Outlook.

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