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Measure and Improve Every Aspect of Your Business

Modern businesses use data insights to optimize workflows and drive decision making. Litify Insights puts the power of big data in the palm of your hand with customized reports about key areas of concern. See the big picture and drill down into advanced metrics for truly game-changing insights about your cases, organization, personnel, and financial performance. Pinpoint exactly where improvements are needed and take action to transform your practice.

Unleash the Power of Your Data

Insights provides you with pre-built and customized reports that help you identify key performance indicators at every level of the firm. Observe in real-time the success of marketing campaigns and nimbly make changes that boost your conversion rate. Monitor the client lifecycle and identify where in the process efficiency improvements can be made. Your reports—and how you use them to improve firm performance—are only limited by your imagination.

Personalized Dashboards

Easily aggregate your most important reports into a dashboard format that allows you to view your metrics that matter at a quick glance. Arm every leader in your practice with dashboards to monitor individual as well as team performance. Slice and dice and mix and match reports for an unprecedented view from above of your firm’s business processes.

Anytime, Anywhere Information

Litify Insights travels with you, because you never know exactly when that “aha” moment will occur. Automatically receive priority reports and dashboards on your mobile device. The data is delivered on a scheduled basis so that you can monitor information and immediately take action, no matter where you are.

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