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Access, Share, and Manage All Your Case Documents

Litify Docs provides the complete solution to store, access, and manage your documents together with the rest of your firm’s information, ensuring everything is connected. Fully integrate your docs with your case details and tasks across the entire Litify application. Give your team the tools to generate, update, and access files with ease at any time, from any device via the cloud. Enhance collaboration among team members in an office, across the country, and around the world.

Store your success on Litify Docs, under the protection of the top-rated security of Salesforce.

Total Integration

Build a bridge between your case files and your firm’s information. Seamlessly integrate your documents into workflow processes across your entire firm. Add documents directly to records, Matter Plan Tasks, and Chatter feeds to dynamically incorporate new information in the correct place. Upload files to replace existing versions and keep up with every change in every case.

Save time and resources when you complete the connection between your docs and processes. Litify Docs’ total integration brings your law firm into the the future of legal case management.

Drag your documents off of the hard drive, out of the paper stacks, out of the storage
room, and into the modern era of legal case management with Litify Docs.

Comprehensive Collaboration

With Litify Docs, your team is connected with your documents and each other. Generate, update, share, and discuss docs throughout a case’s lifetime. Send files through email or direct links with in-depth sharing tools to encourage collaboration. Build your document database together across the entire Litify application.

Litify Docs provides an integrated meeting point of information, where everyone stays up-to-date and works together to move cases forward. Enhance teamwork, and success, with Litify Docs.

Build together. Succeed together.

Complete Access

In the information-driven legal world, Litify Docs is your vehicle to access files at any time, from any device via the cloud. Create folders, descriptions, and tags to build a
database unique to your firm’s storage needs. Use Litify’s dynamic search function to locate documents by name, description, or tags throughout your entire database.
Retrieve, review, and update docs when you’re in the office, giving a presentation, or on the move.

Backed by the top-rated security of Salesforce, Litify’s cloud-based storage allows you to feel confident about securing and accessing your docs, so you never lose track of information. Never misplace files. Never misplace answers. With Litify Docs, your information is everywhere you are.

Litify Docs provides access. Access provides answers.

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